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This page lets you test drive your new, securely chosen, 8 character password to see how easy it is to type when you only see asterisks (***) displayed.

Do not use this page where someone might be looking over your shoulder. I am showing you the password you typed so you can see how well you typed it.

A partial list of what I am NOT checking for:

1. This version is checking for the 8000 or so words that make up 95% or more of English (not counting short ones like "of"). I am NOT checking for all dictionary words,the other 80,000+ words that are rarely used. But the bad guys are. So if you think "callipygian" is a great password, go right ahead. But don't say I didn't warn you.

2. I cannot completely check for you using your username as your password, or basing it on your username. I am now checking for domain names like "", but I still cannot check for each and every username. If your username is "johndoe", and your password is "johndoe", your password is about as secure as leaving the front door wide open and going on vacation for a week.

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Internet Explorer: Click on File Save As, and hit Save. Then click on File, Open to open the file straight from your hard drive.

Mozilla 1.x/Netscape/Firebird: Click on File, Save Page As. click Save. Click File, Open to open the file.

Netscape 4: This form does not work with Netscape 4. Sorry.

See my post Password Usability & Typability for advice on how to pick a good password.

Disclaimer: I hate disclaimers. However, I cannot be held responsible for use of this page in any way. It's offered without warantees or guarantees of any kind. Use at your own risk. Don't swim for an hour after eating. You can't sue me over this page, and neither can your kids, their kids, and all their generations until the end of time,
Changelog: In version 2.3, added display of password length for passwords which don't raise any flags.