Lose the Table Fat

Disclaimer: Those sick of hearing about Atkins® may not want to read this. has a bunch of recipes. They are reasonably easy to find with a search or by browsing.

There's also a recipe box. The recipe box forgot to to add things half of the time, and when I returned a week later, it had forgotten all my recipes.

It has a phase 1 (or induction) choice if you browse their recipes. Great. It has 267 Phase 1 recipes (as of Jan. 12 2003). But there's no way to search WITHIN those Phase 1 recipes. (Phase 1 is the phase in which you must eat fewer than 20 grams of carbs a day. )

Why wasn't I just using the search engine? That's because the first time I tried, there were no recipes responding to the search 'Phase 1'; the second time I searched a week later, there were 34 matches, of which (3) three had phase 1 in their titles: all the others had another phase label, or no phase label. Useless!

Oh, and when you do go browse 267 recipes alphabetically, page numbers are just as useless. I need a yellow pages A-B, C, D-E listing style. Instead, I'm guessing at where the S recipes might be and clicking on page numbers.

And finally, the site is often painfully slow. This is probably mostly due to the overwhelming popularity of Atkins right now, but the bloated table-based layout, with tiny fonts done as graphics that could easily be done as text, can't help.

Posted by Chad Lundgren on Monday, January 12, 2004 (Link)

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