Mapping the Web Sites

Well, call me an old-school Internet geek, but I was taken with the GeoURL site, which arranges web sites, particularly web logs, by latitude and longitude. So I've added Zen Haiku to their database. (I first heard on IDBlog.)

Once you look yourself up, it's a simple matter of adding a couple of meta tags. I'm encouraging other New Mexico web sites and bloggers to do the same.

Posted by Chad Lundgren on Saturday, April 26, 2003 (Link)

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Gratuitous Schadenfreude

Word that Disney's The Country Bears "cost $35 million and grossed $17 million" made me happy. (Update: 04/21/2003: The story vanished, and I can't spell "Caribbean" right. Why on Earth are there two Bs and not two Rs?). This movie based on a ride looked crappy even in the trailer. Here's hoping the $140 million Pirates of the Caribbean tanks equally hard.

Posted by Chad Lundgren on Sunday, April 20, 2003 (Link)

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Adobe Acrobat Download Usability

I wanted to download the Adobe® Acrobat® Reader® for a friend who lives in the boonies and is relegated to a dialup. But the Adobe site seemed to be insisting I use an online installer, that smallish program you download to get the big one. I hate those--you can never save the file for giving to friends, or for yourself if you need to re-install.

After a bit of thrashing, I clicked on the text only page and got the FULL Adobe Reader program download, all 13 steaming Megs of it.

Oh, tangentially here, it seems there is a move afoot at Adobe to call it the "Adobe Reader" and lose the Acrobat part. Well, I have news for their marketing department: I still sometimes refer to a supermarket near my apartment as Skaggs, which is 3 names old. I also like the triply-register-marked name so much I did it here too.

To avoid gratuitous negativity, I should mention that the much-needed File, Save As option finally showed up in version 5. It's possible they've smoothed out other rough usability edges from prior versions.

Posted by Chad Lundgren on Monday, April 14, 2003 (Link)

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A dirty picture, shadows, and the Jemez mountain pictures

This dirty picture was shot through a car window, and then had the holy living bejeezus cropped out of it. Digital cameras make taking unplanned shots cost effective, but only a few turn out.

Possibly rotated. Sometimes I get pictures where I can't remember the original orientation, and I just pick one I like.

Jemez Mountains
Jemez Mountains near Jemez Pueblo, New Mexico.

Posted by Chad Lundgren on Wednesday, April 9, 2003 (Link)

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Mozilla to become more like Phoenix

Since I've become a big fan of the Phoenix web browser, I am cautiously optimistic to hear that the new direction of Mozilla is to make it more like Phoenix starting with Mozilla 1.5.

My main question: does this mean that Mozilla 1.5 is going to have a real Home button? I hate "the home button, or, to be more precise, the tiny, misplaced thing they shriveled it into..." (quoting myself) in Mozilla 1.x/Netscape 6/7.

Posted by Chad Lundgren on Thursday, April 3, 2003 (Link)

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