AOL wins spam lawsuit over 1 billion spam emails

There are certain vermin for whom the legal system can be appropriately nasty. This is based on a Virginia anti-spam law.

AOL Wins $7 Million From Spammers (via Google News)

Update: 06/25/03. I had to delete all the comments to this entry and turn off comments because a big nasty batch of blog spam was being added. Giventhat I put recent comments on the home page, this is even worse than it might be otherwise. I deleted all the comments becasue in retrospect the first comment, which I was already suspicious of, was only the first of many spam.

Ironically enough, it was spam for something that claimed to stop popup windows. Get Mozilla, or better yet, Firebird, and you'll have that built in!

Posted by Chad Lundgren on Monday, December 16, 2002 (Link)