Breastfeeding, part II

Speaking of neo-Puritans, another thing that bothers me is the rant, directed against men: women say, breasts are only for feeding a child, why do men sexualize them, they're just designed to feed the tykes, I know men are infantile but this is ridiculous.

Well, a little biology: only a small part of a woman's breast is actually devoted to producing milk: all the rest is there as a fertility symbol. I don't approve of men talking to women's chests, particularly in a business environment, but I find it a bit odd when women out in public wear blouses designed to get attention, and then seemed perturbed when they get it. I understand for staring, but it's often true even for glancing.

To me, there is not a bit of inconsistency in being pro-breastfeeding and finding breasts sexy. I seem to actually be a bit less obsessed than some of my male friends, to the extent where they have pointed out a woman, for her bosomy qualities, a woman I found attractive, but had not noticed said bosom.

I also love hair and laughter and smiles and wit and intelligence and can honestly say that the only physical parts of women I've never really felt attracted to are elbows and (usually) backs of knees and feet. I've been entranced by porcelain necks, delicate collarbones, cute noses, freckles, you name it.

Damn, I feel a poem coming on.

Posted by Chad Lundgren on Monday, May 13, 2002 (Link)