Compass Banking Bill Pay

So wanted to add Bill Pay to my Compass Online Banking. Much hilarity ensued.

Many faxes happened. It wasn't until fax number 3 that the Bill Pay option on the web site showed up. After figuring out that I need to "Add a Payee", I tried, and no matter what, I received this error message.

Please try signon again

"Please try signon again"? What kind of wording is that? And what is an "Unknown error"? I tried taking spaces out of the account number. I tried it in Internet Explorer, to no avail. I even "tried signon again". It reached the confirm page just fine, and then, every time, the same error message, when I tried to actually submit.

So I called the tech support, who said to fax the form. The same one I've had faxed 3 times now. Oh come on. They told me it'd been turned on but not authorized. What? How is that even possible? Oh, and they had to turn it off so it could be turned on properly.

After insisting that I had indeed faxed it, I got put on hold. They couldn't reach the person they believed to have one of the three faxes, so they were going to get back to me. I gave them my phone number.

They never got back to me. (You knew that was coming, right?).

A few days later, I called them again, and ended up going in and faxing the form for the fourth time. This time, it's addressed to the person I talked to, and it finally worked.

While on Thanksgiving holiday, at the folk's house, I signed on and added "Comcat" as a payee. Once saved, you cannot edit the official payee name. So I had to delete "Comcat" and re-enter everything under "Comcast"®—just to fix one letter. So I went in and added some people and sent off a payment.

Here's hoping the actual bill paying goes more smoothly than the signup.

Posted by Chad Lundgren on Thursday, December 2, 2004 (Link)