Female Viagra-Like Drugs Hit the G Spot

Ran across an [article on the ABC news web site that is no longer has available (Updated 03/25/2003)]. Basically, the bigger a woman's G spot, the more likely this type of drug will help her have an orgasm. My prediction: this will not solve as many of women's sexual problems as Viagra did for men, even for women with big G spots. Women are not that simple.

The original New Scientist story, complete with diagrams, assumes only women care where the G spot is, an entirely unwarranted assumption.

Posted by Chad Lundgren on Saturday, July 6, 2002 (Link)


Posted by Roslee Wednesday, July 17, 2002 at 02:44 AM

Chad...I believe that you are correct in that this new drug will not be the answer to many a women's desire for better sexual fulfillment. As complicated as human sexuality is all 'round, I feel that it is in some ways more subtle/convoluted/situational for a woman to experience truly satisfying sex. A person can have physically great sex with a person they do not like or would really want to spend time with. I've been there/done that. In american society men are socailized to be more goal-oriented, even in sexual areas. Women tend to be socialized to be the fixers, the communicators, the ones holding relationships and families together. Not every woman gets orgasms readily even with masturbation, let alone partnered sex.
Who says that a woman must have an orgasm in order to have good sex?? I know that I am not alone in the world of women in feeling that genuine affection, trust and closeness can be just as great as a whopping big orgasm. Personally, I like the feel of skin on skin and the feeling of a lover inside me and all the funny noises made and the silly things muttered and the lack of bashfulness and the turn-on of being my own biggest turn-on (ask me about this sometime). If I don't have that elusive orgasm, did I not have fun?? I do not understand the tunnel-vision with which all too many people view their sexuality. Sex is grown-up playtime. It is a time for fun, laughter, tenderness, playfulness just as much as it it a time for passion and abandon. If it's not broke, don't fix it! The article you referenced just lets me know that it is likely that those women who orgasm more easily will just get more and supposedly better climaxes. Big whoopie! Besides, isn't the supposed g-spot just a sensitive spot along the uretha?? Getting the urge to pee uncontrollably during sex isn't my idea of the best of fun. Maybe I am a party-pooper, a fuddie-duddie, but better quality closeness and intimacy would be a healthier goal in my opinion. I will try to come up with a haiku for you on this topic sometime tonight.


Posted by Roslee Wednesday, July 17, 2002 at 03:15 AM

Here's the haiku I promised earlier.

playful bites of love
a dance of fingers o'er skin
tastes of sweat, sex and passion