Usability is job 1. Or not.

This amused me while I was poking around the UNM job web site:

"This is a description of a staff Job at UNM, NOT a Job Opening Announcement. Look for Current Job Openings and then Apply Online or use UNM's Staff JobFinder to be notified of vacancies for jobs of interest to you. "

What? Why would I want to look at job descriptions for jobs that are not open? As far as I can tell, this whole site exists just to to email you when openings are available.

More seriously, why did I get to a detailed results page before realizing the ejobs thing was not what I was looking for, which was actual job openings?

The main employment page at UNM has the font size fixed used pixels so that you can't resize it in IE5-6 using the usual View, Text Size command that a few more users at least know about. Can you say federally funded sites need to be accessible? I knew you could.

[Updated 03/25/04: The link on the "main employment page" went away. The new page, site really, the Human Resources site, still does not have resizable text.

Posted by Chad Lundgren on Sunday, October 6, 2002 (Link)